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Your Mind is the Limit!

Our After School Program offers a safe, structured environment for your
child after the school day ends. Komodo Training Center offers a diverse
and structured after school program that will keep your child active and
occupied from the moment they arrive.

Komodo Training Center offers a unique Transportation Service to your
children in our newly upgraded vehicles that ensure safety and comfort to
your child’s travels.

We take our After School Program to heart! As a family business, we build
a bond with every student and family that greets ours to ensure
comfortability and make sure every child feels welcomed and happy in our
stress-free environment. At our facility, we offer exceptional service and
quality supervision to ensure your child’s safety within our care and by
keeping a healthy and sanitized environment as we would like our family to
be in!

Komodo Training Center
After School Program Komodo training cen
After School Program Komodo Training Cen


We believe time is sacred. Our curriculum is crafted to ensure your child
does not waste valuable time. During their daily stay at Komodo, they will
learn valuable life skills and to be physically active.

We offer real-world self-defense techniques suitable to children; We live in
a world that is increasingly dangerous, and mastering some form of self-
defense activity can have many practical and beneficial uses in your child’s
day to day life.

Martial Arts has many positive advantages to a
child’s early development!
Our Martial Arts and Soccer After Care teaches your child:
  1. Valuing Education

  2. Better Health and Physical Fitness

  3. Competitive Sportsmanship

  4. Manners and  Courtesy

  5. Self- Control and Discipline

  1. Time management

  2. Social Skills

  3. Promotes Physical Activity awareness

  4. Integrity

  5. Perseverance

  1. Goal Setting

  2. Self Esteem

  3. Ability to defend his/her self.

  4. Flexibility

  5. Respect for Authority

We work with Special Needs and Moderate ADHD Children!

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